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A group of Ruby enthusiasts from sunny Malmö, Sweden who meet about every month to talk about Ruby, programming, and other related topics.

Attend a Meeting!

Upcoming: Dec 4 Theme to be decided at eCraft - Skeppsbron 3, Malmö.

Explore Ruby together - next meetup December 4!

All events are open to all skill levels — including absolute beginners — and are free of charge.

Future: Do you want to do a talk or some other activity? Get in touch, join that Slack and mailing list!

Past: Oct 9 Learn about Ruby and Linux signals + Modular Synthesizers Jun 5 Event Sourcing in Ruby using Sandthorn May 8 Limits & Alternatives Apr 3 What I learned from building a twitter Art Bot Mar 6 Testing and Types Feb 6 Creative Coding & Documentation Jan 9 A guided tour of Ruby's Standard Libraries, pausing to look at the weird, the strange and the useful. Dec 5 Regular Expressions: How People Use Them, And How You Can Use Them, dry-rb for Rails teams, Why Elixir?, Build your own Ruby native extensions with Helix and Rust Nov 7 What is new in Ruby 2.5?