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A group of Ruby enthusiasts from sunny Malmö, Sweden who meet about every month to talk about Ruby, programming, and other related topics.

Attend a Meeting!

Upcoming: January 9 Sign up for the next meetup at FooCafe.

"A guided tour of Ruby's Standard Libraries, pausing to look at the weird, the strange and the useful."

Friends of the group have offered to speak on diverse subjects and it will be a good Tuesday.

All events are open to all skill levels — including absolute beginners — and are free of charge.

Past: Dec 5: Regular Expressions: How People Use Them, And How You Can Use Them, dry-rb for Rails teams, Why Elixir?, Build your own Ruby native extensions with Helix and Rust at Foocafe. Nov 7: What is new in Ruby 2.5? at eCraft.

Future: Do you want to do a talk or some other activity? Get in touch, join that Slack!