Malmö.rb meetup on 2019-01-08

Theme: Tools to make games & What is new the latest Ruby?

Join us for our January 8 meetup where we have Jens Nockert talking about computer game-making tools.

Later, Olle Jonsson will try to show what new things have been added to the Ruby programming language in its latest version, which was just released.

Target Audience

This is a free event for people interested in Ruby.

We welcome both experienced programmers and total beginners to our events. In fact, we take great pride in making a welcoming atmosphere to newcomers to tech.

If this is your first time, you may find the How To Malmö.rb page helpful.

Planned Activities

We'll have a string of talks for you, interpolated by some snacks and time to meet the other attendees.

Jens Nockert: Using Ruby in your game asset pipeline

When you make games, you manage a lot of images, sounds, animations, and so on - collectively known as assets. A game asset pipeline is a series of tools that build usable game assets out of the source material created by artists.

For example: "Take this directory of MP3 files and turn them into FLAC files which can be used for one of our supported platforms." or "Take each 3D model of a playable character and turn it into a smaller icon picture version of itself, to be shown in the high-score screen."

Jens will take a deep look at extending an old but still-working asset pipeline based around RAD Granny 3D and bringing it to the web with Ruby, Rake, and liberal application of a hex editor.

We’ll look at the open-source (and official) EVE: Online renderer CCPWGL and its assets as a case study.

There will be Ruby, C and JavaScript shown, but only basic programming knowledge will be assumed. No game or Ruby experience required.

Olle Jonsson: Art exercise: What is new in Ruby 2.6?

Some holidays bring a new Ruby version, this time we got Ruby 2.6. What changed? What new patterns emerge? What can you do with the new features? What new magic is possible?

We will go through the release announcement, perhaps not all of it, but the best of it.

There will be art materials, we will split into groups, and we will create explanations.

Sign up!

Soon there will be a link here!


Date: 2019-01-08

Location: Skeppsbron 3. Ring the electronic bell for eCraft.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a programming language which says it "optimizes for programmer happiness". We've started a separate Introduction to Ruby page, to get you up to speed.

The location

It's on the first floor, but there's an elevator.

When is it?

Just after office hours, say 17:30, and for about 3 hours. We try to keep the most interesting bits accessible to people who can not hang around too long, by placing them in the middle of the event's timeline.