Malmö.rb meetup on 2019-09-05

Malmö.rb & Copenhagen.rb: a Joint Ruby Enthusiast Meetup

Explore the Ins and Outs of Ruby! Get to know the Ruby programming language – beginner-friendly and powerful. Connect with Ruby enthusiasts from the region at Techfestival to A prepared talk by Martin Stein contextualizes Ruby usage.

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We hope to meet you there!

Target Audience

This is an event for people interested in Ruby (any interest level!).

We welcome both experienced programmers (any language!) and total beginners (and not-yet-starters!) to our events. In fact, we take great pride in making a welcoming atmosphere to newcomers to tech.

Planned Activities

We’ll have a string of talks for you, interpolated by some snacks and time to meet the other attendees.

Martin Stein: Using Ruby for biodiversity

Martin is a “Biodiversity Rubyist” at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, and we’ve invited him to share something about how he is using Ruby in his work.

Jens Nockert: Crossing the language barrier: Ruby ❤️ FFI

We'll be seeing how we can use Ruby to interact with other languages so that we can use the best tool for the job yet hold it all together with the language we love.

Chris Mckenzie: Metaprogramming in Ruby

Chris is one of the driving forces of Copenhagen.rb. Chris offers a tour of metaprogramming!

A powerful and effective programming technique, metaprogramming finds itself being used quite heavily within the Ruby community. We'll be having a look at some of the usages of it in the wild and then taking a deep dive into how we can use it ourselves. Metaprogramming however isn't without dangers, knowing how to avoid common pitfalls is also very important. It can however also be a great opportunity to be a little mischievous and cause a little havoc amongst friends.

Sign up!

Sign up!


Date: 2019-09-05

Location: DGI Byen, Techfestival, Copenhagen

The location

DGI Byen is at Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København, Danmark That’s within walking distance of København H where the trains stop. The building is a huge box.

The location is on the ground floor, and doors open with motors. It is fully accessible to people with mobility issues.

When is it?

17:30-19:30. Just after office hours, say 17:30, and – this time – for 2 hours. We try to keep the most interesting bits accessible to people who can not hang around too long, by placing them in the middle of the event’s timeline.


None. Zero snacks have been confirmed.

By the way: What is Ruby?

Ruby is a programming language which says it “optimizes for programmer happiness”. We’ve started a separate Introduction to Ruby page, to get you up to speed.